Kamilla amazed me not only with her beauty, but also with the specialty that caught my attention. She is a consultant on mental genetics and has been practicing it for about 5 years. We began our talk long before our interview. I was impressed by her simplicity, sincerity and unusual attitude towards the life and others. She does not take offence to anyone, she accepts all with a charming smile and calmly answers by disarming the interlocutor. We all face challenges in our life, and in communion with others get in troubles which we suffer from. How can we overcome and beat them? This is what we’ve decided to talk about.

R.M. Kamilla, you are from Baku. What are you doing outside of Azerbaijan?

K.N. I left Azerbaijan at the age of 19.  I lived in Moscow for about 10 years, and now I live in Luxembourg. I've travelled the world, mostly in Europe, have seen many countries and cities. But most of all I liked the small and cosy town - Luxembourg. Locals often refer to it as a "small village". I recently decided to completely settle in here. For me, Luxembourg has become the home town, of course, after Baku which I love as well.

R.M. Where did you study?

K.N. I studied the accountancy in Baku. Further, I studied fashion- business in Moscow at Moscow State University, where such famous individuals like Alexander Vasilyev - Russian and French fashion historian and Tatiana Kulakhmetova - designer and fashion draftsman held their lectures. It was very interesting! And being in Moscow, that was August 2009, I got to know the IDEAL- Teutsch method.

R.M. How did you know about this method?

K.N. That time, I had a difficult period in my life. But God always gives answers to our questions, based on our needs and when we really need and we sincerely look for them. Sometimes, the main thing is to see and not to miss that moment. The answer came through my friend, but since I was a "great sceptic" that time, it was hard for me to believe in what I heard from her. Everything was so wonderful that I hardly could believe in it. To my great joy, she was so insistent and did not give up, that she left the newspaper for me at the concierge desk in the house where I used to live.

Having read the newspaper, my scepticism has grown even more. There were wonderful stories in it! Infertile couples had babies, someone's marriage broke up, but they were able to keep it and be happy, someone had a cancer but was miraculously healed. But, despite all this, I still decided to buy only a book for a start, and it was my first insight. "Honesty and integrity against the lust and lies" - it is with this book my personal retraining began.

R.M. How did it all begin?

K.N. This book made a huge impression on me, I received answers to many questions, and it gave me a lot of new understanding and, above all, stopped my mental blindness. To this day, this book is in my library in a single copy, as these books no longer in print. I’ve never read through the book so suddenly, but I read this one in a breath. With each page, my new understanding grew. I began to see the things what I previously could not suspect of. I could understand very important principles of the life. I wanted to know it all faster and faster. On completion of reading the book, my first step was to call my dad, who I had not talked to for about 22 years. I had the strongest resentment, so much of anger that I told people that my dad had passed away. Although, he was absolutely alive and well. Children's resentment, his absence in my life and attitude towards my mother did not allow me to forgive and accept him. But, after reading one of the paragraphs of this book, I was able to understand that in a relationship there are always two people who interact, which means that one can’t be guilty, and each of them makes their own contribution to the relationship. Realizing this law, I could see both sides of the contribution, which allowed me, first of all, to understand and forgive. It became very easy, finally, I was able to break free from years of resentment and anger. Since then, good, acceptance and forgiveness began to live in my heart. Now we are great friends with him. We are friends and often communicate and that brings a lot of happiness to my life that I could not feel before.

R.M. All people are trying to find someone to blame for their troubles and do not see a problem in themselves.

K.N.  The problem is that it is difficult for people to observe themselves from the outside and it is much easier to see their surroundings. The goal is not to look for the problem from the outside, but try to find it within ourselves, as we have throughout the beginning and end of all things. And the end of a person is more than his/her beginning. This can help a lot to start to blame others less or even completely eliminate condemnation. When you realize that everything, first of all, comes from yourself, then you begin to understand why people do this to you and take this attitude to you. At this point you begin to work on yourself and change yourself, thus, changing the ratio of the outside.

R.M. What is the meaning of IDEAL Teutsch method?

K.N. In this method, there are three major links: the spiritual principles, elements of human physics and mental genetics. Spiritual principles were first scientifically proved through the elements of human physics. For example, Newton's first law - the power of action is equal to counteraction with different characters, but with the same values. The spiritual principle states: "The measure you measure, will later be measured to you “or "Do not judge other people, and people will not judge you"

DNA record is transmitted from the generation to generation - the record of each person. Of course, each individual has their individual DNA record, as well as a fingerprint – they can’t be the same. Everyone knows that we inherit external factors through DNA, such as hair colour, skin, eyes, etc. But little has been known that in addition to external factors, we inherit what at first glance is not visible and that is the type of thinking and behaviour pattern. A descendant repeats the ancestors until retrained. Typically, this occurs through generation. It is therefore important to know your ancestors, this can be very helpful to know your family and yourselves. During the consultation there are several generations considered in the family of the individual.

Considering the heredity, one can understand that a person has inherited the desired and undesired ones. Following consultations, the client receives direction on how to think and act in a new way. Have to say that this process is not for "wimps", because the DNA record has been laid before the individual's birth and you have to show super-efforts to change undesired inheritance. The old must be replaced by a completely new, otherwise it will appear out again and again.

R.M. How?

K.N. I can cite an example from the experience. Just yesterday I talked with one of my acquaintances. It was not a consultation, but just a friendly chat. She is already under forty years old and can’t build up a happy relationship with a man, but she really wants this. She already had one marriage in her life where there has been kind of consumer attitude. She had a fear of recurrence of it. Therefore, one part of her wants happy relationships, and the other one believes and wait for the recurrence. After the conversation with me she asked a question: Why are men looking for the benefits from me, what am I doing wrong?

The answer to the question is always in us, therefore from her perspective, it would have been correct to ask a question: "What am I doing wrong? “Not surroundings people but I am. People are our mirror. They only reflect our attitude towards ourselves.

What I could observe in her is the low self-esteem to herself. Others were placed in priority. For her, the first place was a man, but not herself. And what could he do? How could he behave?

He is like a mirror reflected her attitude toward herself, he used her. He underestimated her, so did she. According to the first commandment given by Jesus, a man must love the God that is true to their own beliefs and talents with all his heart, soul and mind. You should always start with yourself, to change the incorrect understanding and action. It is only by changing herself, she could live a joyful and happy life.

Specifically, in her case it is to learn to appreciate yourself, love, put your own interests and desires above all others, might have completely changed attitudes towards her.

R.M. In Azerbaijan parents ruin their children and make them dependent, providing them with everything. The child grows up without his own “I” – the children live on the parents’ instructions. It passes from parents to children, by heredity. And it is considered as a norm in our society.

K.N. It is right when children obey their parents. But do not forget this fact, the parents may also be wrong, they also have lived lives, making mistakes and behaved as they were taught by their parents and showed the same qualities that have inherited. Of course, that kind of ignorance is continued from generation to generation. Therefore, the task to eradicate ignorant knowledge, in order to stop it in the current generation, so that our children could already be cleared of this.

This is the mental genetics. It is heredity, which we inherit from our ancestors, grandparents, moms, and dads. Typically, this occurs through generation. Despite the fact that they do not like it, they repeat the same things in their lives and in their children’s lives. As they do not know what to do with it and how to change it. There should be a good motivation for a change. It comes when a person receives a blow of fate, and he/she is ready to go on the steps, which previously they would have never gone. For example, to go against the parents words.

There must be so severe conditions that a person can’t go on living like this. Now it is more actual, in the past it was almost impossible to oppose the words of parents.

In those days it was considered disrespectful disobedience to parents. So all children were brought up that way. Ideally, no one should let other opinions stand between them and their own truth. By allowing anyone to dictate us the thoughts, word and action, we commit the sin by worshiping other Gods or other laws and not the laws of our God.

Everyone should give others the right to be true to their beliefs, instead of suggesting their ideas about them. Every chick can and must hatch through its shell. Chicken- mother would destroy it if the human hand or the other chicken would help it. The same principle applies to humans.

We must learn to believe in our children’s success, by letting them to show the independence, believing that they are able to cope with this problem, otherwise it would not appear in their lives. To learn to cease to be afraid that the child would make a mistake, because it is their personal process of growing up and understanding of the life, as anyway, no one was able to learn from the "mistakes of others", only based on our life experiences, we began to realize what we should and should not be doing.

R.M. And did you experience the same with your parents?

K.N. Yes, I also experienced that. Parents for a child are authority from the childhood. The child wants to be like the parents. Psychologically, the child wants to please them, which sometimes goes in the wrong direction. Children must find the strength to confront ignorance and go in a different direction. Even if it is a mistake, or rather experience, that is very important for every person to shape themselves as a person. Every experience is precious and unique!

If you live under parents’ influence, the people will not be able to try the experience that is needed, and later, when adults, they would continue to be like children. It is difficult to live and interact in society. That is why it is so important to resist and to learn from your personal experiences.

For me, my mother was standing and everything and I thought no matter what she said was right. I thought that she couldn’t be ever wrong - it's impossible. She's smart, she knows how to do everything correctly.

R.M. It comes from the challenges...

K.N. Then I learned a lot about my heredity, I began to analyse, because the mother also inherited the desired and undesired part of the inheritance.

I realized that my mother's advice does not always lead to the desired results. And it confirmed my findings. After all, we always get what we deserve. “As you sow you shall mow".

Realizing this, I began to take the decision which was right for me. And I started getting the different results which could be different.

But the main principle is to live your life according to your principles, analysing the experience of what should and what should not be repeated. Each of us needs a personal experience through which we can perceive, understand and grasp.

I always give my child the right of choice, but at the same time I explain the consequences of this choice. It is valuable when parents show what consequences the child can expect, not just to say "no."

You can’t just forbid. Let your child learn to talk about his/her choices. Some believe that they must unconditionally comply with requests.

Those children who get the right of choice and decide themselves later become very decisive personalities in the life. Many people know that the determination is the key to success!

R.M. But, as you say, there is a DNA record that determines the life there. What shall we do then?

K.N. Yes, there is. There is a DNA record and even before birth, it lies in us, and 70% of it determines how we will behave. And only 30% we get in the growing up process. We get the experience from the environment: kindergarten, school, university, work, family. And so the environment greatly affects us. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful who we associate with and who you spend time with. The society strongly affect us. You must be a very strong man to stand out your point of view and not to be succumbed by the influence of other people. Nevertheless, the main part of our DNA is predetermined. But there is a chance to change it, to change you genetic code – your heredity.

R.M How to do it?

K.N. Thanks to the expert advice or the books. Having known this method, one can understand his family history and start to work on undesired part. I, myself started with the books, and then began to attend seminars, courses, consultations and study the personal growth, to improve my live. Of course, I can’t say that I have changed everything, probably a hundred of my lives would not be enough for this.

But I partly managed - and this has brought a lot of joy and happy changes to my life. Now my son’s genetics have a lot of things that have been already cleaned and it pleases me, but he has yet a lot to do. Life consists of constant growth, and work on yourself.

R.M. Nevertheless, how to do it all? Let’s assume that we have found the source - how to fight this?

K.N. What source, for example? Let's take you as an example. What do you feel? Imagine that you are at my consultation. What's bothering you? Let’s examine some example.

R.M. Let's say this, from time to time my life crumbles and I have to start and climb over again and again. Sometimes, it even turns out to be higher than it used to be. And then ... bam! And fall again. And once again I need to get out of the cliff and climb the mountain.

K.N. On this occasion, I can immediately say which law is working over you. It will continue to run until you change it. In order to fully understand you need at least 2 hours consultation where we can make out the ancestors, grandparents and get the full history. After this, I can build a tree of heredity, understand who you are repeating.

But based on the fact what I’ve already heard, I understand that the interruption law is working over you. This is when you start and do not complete. For example, you start something and before reaching the end, comes the interruption. You do not complete the job. Something must happen so that you would stop, so that screeching halt would come which is an interruption. Then you start again from the scratch. I'm talking about the general theory. You have to come from the interruption to completion law. You should learn how to finish all you have started and should start with the small things.

During the consultation, I don’t not only give the direction, but affirmations as well. In your case it would be: "From now on, whatever I start, I will always finish." You write it a certain amount of times and re-read before bedtime. To make this new idea could penetrate your consciousness. You start a new way of thinking and acting. Do installation for yourself, now all that you start, and you complete and do not let anyone interrupt you.

Let’s take an example. Let's say you have an appointment. But you have to help someone urgently. You interrupted your plans and you go for a new purpose, postponing the appointment. Again, the interruption law was activated. But you're a new man now, what will you do? First of all, you have a new way of thinking and you act. You do not cancel the appointment, an interruption law will dictate to you to leave everything and go to help someone else. But you have to dictate to yourself: From now on, all that I start, I will finish. I'll go for the appointment. I will do what I have to do, i.e., I will complete, as it is paramount for me. Then, I will focus on another task.

If you start to cook at home and left it by half, this is also an interruption. One of the most severe interruptions is a death. This is when a person goes for good, life is interrupted. One of the most serious interruptions, when a person passes away early. It occurs when this law worked so much in a person's life, at first with little things, and then bang... and the life is interrupted.

R.M. And what about personal relationships, does it also work here?

K.N. You have to understand that our life is one. It is impossible to divide the life on personal life, business, and children. That is one. And if any law takes place in life, sooner or later it will be extended to other areas of life too.

For this you should start to finish what you have started. You can start with the small things. Elementary things. For example, do not answer the phone until you have finished what you started doing. To be able to resist this law, which takes place in your life. This requires the strength. Some people, for example, need to learn to say "no."

R.M I know how to say "no."

K.N. It's good. That means this task is not necessary to you, but there can be another for you.

R.M. Let’s take another case. For example, I like you. I put a goal to get you. What to do?

K.N. I think it will attract the attention of readers. It is good, when a man knows how to succeed. If it is good and kind thing, of course. But if you know that person is engaged and he/she has a relationship, here you are on the wrong action. Even If I like someone, I should not interrupt their relationship. Because it is impossible to build a happy relationship on others breaks. Here, as a completion, you personally should stop a false feeling. All that is false brings misfortune in the end!

RM. So I need to wait.

KN. To why for wait? Ah, I got your hint. You promised me to treat kebabs. Now I got you at last.

R.M. We are completing the process of eating kebabs. What does love mean from Kamilla’s perspective?

K.N. Often what people call love, is not what love is. Some people do not have the correct concept of love. They call love their sexual attractions.

Love from my perspective is a very sublime feeling that can bring only happiness and internal fly, when you want to flit like a butterfly. This great feeling make you so kind that you want to do a lot of good and everything becomes beautiful and nice. And it's not only about the love of a man or woman. I'm talking about the general feeling of love, which lives in our hearts.

And if we talk about the love between a man and a woman, I personally see it like this: first of all, you feel very warm and so comfortable with the person you love, you want to spend a lot of time with him and it is interesting for you to be with him. You completely trust him, in my opinion there is a shortage of this nowadays - most of the scandals and divorces are because of mistrust. I have to say, this is one of the most valuable moments of love for me, when there is complete mutual trust.

The only way a truly happy relationship is built, when it is built on trust and honesty.

It is when you respect your partner's interests, desires, passions, that you want to share with him these moments. For example, to go to the football, the bar and drink beer...

It is when you sincerely rejoice and admire with his success and growth, whether it is a career or personal victories.  I often see the opposite - a partner is jealous and wants to be better, rather than to be happy and grow together...

It is when you respect your loved one, and, above all, you see personality in him! No one can belong to anyone, so it is a false idea, sometimes people refer to each other as to clothes, but we are spiritual creatures.

It is when you want to feed the one with the tasty food, please with something, do something that would bring a smile and joy on the face. It is when you do not think, how much the one owes you or did for you, and you do it with love, just because you want to do it...

I can talk endlessly about love, not article is enough, therefore, I noted some of the most important moments, of course, there are a lot of them there. In the end, I want to say that everything that I have stated here is my personal opinion and point of view. And everyone has the right to have their own one!

R.M. How many consultations the one have to go through so that you would put the "diagnosis" and to appoint "treatment"?

K.N. Each case is individual. Maybe once, and a few may be needed. Usually, they email me, and then we discuss and arrange a Skype session.

I had a case in Baku, when a visitor expected a desired result in her life so much that she used up one hundred leaf notebook affirmations.

She had a very strong desire, strong motivation. You have to work hard on yourself to improve the quality of your life, to change the undesired part of the heredity, not only in your life, but also in  children’s lives who are our heritages. 

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